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Welcome to the home page of Bantix Worldwide, where you can explore our new product development consulting services, and learn more about what makes us a preferred team of industrial designers in Australia.

Formed in 2002, Bantix is an innovation inspired technology and discovery company where insights and imagineering are transformed into physical and financial models ready for regulatory approval, assisted manufacturing and commercialisation. Our one stop shop approach to new product development and commercialisation makes us a unique provider to inventors and entrepreneurs.

M-Tech (click here for our online store)

M Tech is a core component of our business and our mosquito traps are state - of - the - art, non pesticide based, solutions to one of the world's great scourges. We now sell mosquito traps together with consumables such as lures to domestic and international distributors and customers and our Mosquito Slayer Series 4 Trap has been approved by the Indian Malarial Research Institute in Delhi. Our technology together with our prototyping and knowledge management capabilities enables us to consistently lead the industry and our professional mosquito traps are located at golf courses and mining sites around the globe. Our industrial design consultancy has completed the prototyping of our exciting new consumer focused and environmentally friendly mosquito trap and are completing supply arrangements ready to commence manufacturing, marketing and distribution as funding becomes available. More information can be seen at the following website M-Tech


Proto-Corp Provides unique design and prototyping services for Bantix together with specialist services to external customers. Rapid concept to reality modelling through our team of industrial design consultants, together with facilitated development, enables visions and drawings to become physical realities.

Proto-Corp is also our intellectual property protection company in partnership with Bill Potter who has been a patent and trade mark attorney for more than 25 years ensuring that before new products go into development, the idea and knowhow where appropriate is, protected, as it is crucial to value creation.

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Prot-IP Prot-IP is our intellectual property protection company in partnership with Robin Kelly – patent and trade mark attorney extraordinaire! Ensuring your valuable ideas and knowhow are captured and where appropriate, protected, is crucial to value creation.